What is a Project Manager?

Project ManagerA Project Manager is the person responsible for the planning and execution of a project. Good Project Managers have many skills and are accountable for controlling multiple aspects of a project. Each professional Project Manager will develop his or her own style depending on the type of project and project methodology being used.

Project Managers need to have a wide range of skills and abilities to do the job well:

  • people skills – organise, motivate and connect with the project team
  • communication – communicate well with people on all levels, including executives, sponsors, marketers, technical specialists and customers
  • problem solving – projects seldom run smoothly so the project manager must be able to identify and resolve many types of problems
  • be driven – have the energy and commitment to achieve goals and drive a project to completion
  • manage expectations – about project goals, progress and delays, so stakeholders know what is happening
  • change management – many things can change during a project, from budgets to scope to team members. The Project Manager must facilitate change and implement changes effectively
  • time management – most projects are delivered under tight deadlines so making the most of every hour and day is very important
  • organisational skills – Project Managers need to be highly organised individuals to be able to juggle all the elements of a project and keep it running successfully
  • a team player – being able to collaborate and maintain successful team relationships is crucial. Also making sure members get recognition and praise for the work they do

A Project Manager’s roles and responsibilities may vary depending on the type and size of the project they are working on. In some cases they may help to gather requirements or write a business case. They generally don’t do the actual work themselves but rather play the roles of facilitation, organisation and communication on a project.

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